Female bodybuilding. Female bodybuilders.

Female bodybuilding. Female bodybuilders.

Trainer for the muscles of breast Hammer Press. A trainer is imitated by the press of dumb- bells on a sloping bench, his feature is a trajectory of motion - taking of hands is carried out in its end.

Female bodybuilding and Female bodybuilders.

A trainer imitates traction in inclination of both barbell and dumb-bells - all depends on togo what pair of pens a capture is carried out for.
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Female bodybuilding. Fitnes. Female bodybuilders.

Female bodybuilding. Female Bodybuilding & Fitness. Female bodybuilders.

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Fitnes Female bodybuilding and female bodybuilders.
1. Exercises
Biceps: bendings of hands with a barbell upright, bending of hands with dumb-bells sitting on a sloping bench and by turn bending of hands with dumb-bells.
Tritseps: the press lying narrow capture, wringing out on the squared beams, unbending of hands with a barbell from a head sitting and lying on a horizontal bench.
Deltas: classic the press, the press of barbell from a head, by turn gettings up of dumb-bells upright.
Breast: the press lying on a sloping bench, divorce of hands with dumb-bells lying on a bench, pull-overs from dumb-bells or with a barbell.
Trapezoids: traction of barbell to the chin.
Muscles of the back: figure traction, dead traction, traction of barbell to the belt in inclination, traction of rope for a head, traction of dumb-bells to the belt.
Muscles of thigh: squat with a barbell on shoulders and on a breast, bendings and unbending of feet, figure and dead tractions, the presses by feet.
Muscles of shin: gettings up on socks with a barbell on shoulders upright, gettings up on socks sitting, the presses by socks on a trainer for the press by feet.
Muscles of forearm: bendings of hands with a barbell. Different variants: after the back, on verge of bench, before a stomach... (to alternate every training cycle)
Press: gettings up of trunk, gettings up of feet lying, traction of rope to the belt upright (on a trossovom trainer).
Combat female bodybuilding and female bodybuilders.
2. Rest
Rest of beginners must last no less than 3-4 days, make the training program taking into account it.
Here training program which will walk up most beginners:
1 day: Biceps, spin and forearm
2 day: Feet and press
3 day: Tritseps, breast and deltas
4 day: Feet Follow the training program
Female bodybuilders and female bodybuilding.
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